Indoor Venues

Indoor Venues

Here at First Adventure, we use a number of indoor venues around Leeds, West Yorkshire. We select our venues to best suit the course and give a range of options for the customers to ensure customer satisfaction. As we are independent we can offer any course privately at any venue. Below are some of the venues we use on a regular basis but we can go a little further if needed if this would helpful to you please get in touch.

Leeds the big depot

The Big Depot is an impressive centre featuring a substantial climbing wall. It offers a number of 14 meter high lead and top rope climbs, with over 300 climbs available.

The Big Depot facilities include changing rooms with showers, a shop and café.

It offers a range of climbs to suite all abilities from first timers to the British Climbing Team. However, due to its size and popularity it can be very busy. We normally recommend this centre for our local lessons.


Harrogate Climbing Centre is an impressive centre offering excellent facilities. It has a number of 10 metre high walls offering over 200 climbs, for both top rope and lead climbing to suit all abilities.

The facilities at the centre include a cafe, gear shop and changing area with showers. The centre can become busy at times, but even during these busy nights there are comfortable areas for newcomers to develop their skills. We normally only use this centre on request or for lead courses for registered members. The reason for this is due to the higher cost for external instructors. If you choose this centre an additional charge may be added to your course to cover this.

Leeds The Edge

The Edge Sports Centre at the University of Leeds offers excellent facilities. Whilst the wall itself is smaller than others in the area, it is a quiet environment perfect for teaching. The centre offers an 8 meter climbing wall for both lead and top rope climbing with over 70 routes to suite all abilities. The facilities include changing rooms with showers for non Edge members.

But with full gym membership all the facilities are available for this well equipped sports centre. Due to parking problems we normally use this centre for evenings and short weekend sessions such as tasters and refreshers